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Lather, Rinse, Repeat - Another Comeback Falls Short

Stop me when you've heard this before. The Celtics got off to a bad start, fought all the way back, and ended up faltering in the end. The only difference this time was that we got further down than usual and couldn't even make it close at the very end. Not good times.

  • From the start it seemed like Rondo was the only one who could buy a basket. There were a lot of quality looks that just missed.
  • Starting Brandon Bass didn't help any. Nice try though. Don't say Doc doesn't try new things sometimes.
  • The team rebounded a little better today, but still got beat 46-34.
  • Paul Pierce was 3-12 with just 13 points. Is it time to start wondering if he's still in pain from that ankle?
  • Kevin Garnett was 0-fer the first half.
  • Hey, at least Wilcox got a couple of dunks.
  • I get Rose playing like an MVP, but getting killed by Luol Deng kinda stings.
  • And seeing Pierce and KG get blocked by Noah is like salt in an open wound.
  • Seeing Brian Scalabrine used as the human victory cigar AGAINST us, is a really weird feeling.

Ugh. What else is there to say?

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