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Celtics Get Gronked By Pacers

So, I turned on the game, left to get a drink and by the time I got back the Pats had already scored. Wait, this is a Celtics game recap? Well, lets see. Last night Ray played over 40 minutes, Pierce played 35, and the team had to travel to Indy and play tonight. What do you think happened?

  • Pierce and KG actually scored 21 points each. So there's that.
  • We got a longer look at E'Twaun Moore after he replaced Avery Bradley.
  • That's about all the good news.
  • Donny Marshall: "I tend to make excuses for Rondo because I expect so much from him, but he took the night off" (via @MrTrpleDouble10)
  • Avery Bradley just tweeted "Fml" (which the kids will tell you means "fail my life")

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