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The Article You Knew Was Coming the guy you knew would write it. Peter May, take it away!

Kendrick Perkins returns to Boston to face former team - ESPN Boston

Pretty much nothing has gone right for the Celtics since Danny Ainge pulled the trigger and made the controversial Perkins trade last February. At the time, it didn't look to be nearly as bad as it has turned out to be. The Celtics got the best player in the deal in Jeff Green. The Celtics got a first-round draft pick that belonged to perennially underachieving Los Angeles Clippers. And they had played well over the first two months of the season without Perkins, who was recovering from knee surgery.

Since then, well, look at what has happened.

You get the idea, but if you are a glutton for wallowing in painful reminders, feel free to click the link and read the rest.

I miss Perkins. The trade was a mistake when it happened and has only gotten worse since. I maintain I would have rather let him walk for nothing this summer - just to have had the opportunity to have him in on the court for the playoffs last year. But that's just me.

With all that said, it is time to give the big guy a standing ovation and get on with our lives.

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