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Thunder and Quick as Lightning

KP: 'Judo-chop!" - Rondo: "Et tu Brute?"
KP: 'Judo-chop!" - Rondo: "Et tu Brute?"

Why write about this disaster? I am not sure. The cruise ship near Italy isn't the only thing partially sunk and sinking.

Perk returned, the Thunder rolled, and the Celtics stumbled and fumbled. A sign of how bad this is getting for me personally is that I was actually cheering Petrius for shooting threes at the end. and I hate threes. OKC has the best record in basketball as of tonight, and we look like a 2007 Carnival Disney Cruise taking on water with a big hole in our Mickey Mouse boat.

1.) Pierce lots more energy and lots of turnovers.

2.) Rondo was ...well...Rondo

3.) Ray Allen....very few shots but played hard

4. ) We missed more bunnies than Elmer Fudd in the dark

5.) So much for home court advantage.

6.) KG ...I love you but your old.

7.)'re in a good place....don't look back

I will add that I saw a glimmer of hope in the energy level tonight overall and to mount a comeback against a good young confident team like OKC was nice, but in the end have to win - especially at home.

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