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Jurassic Spark - Celtics Find Groove Against Raptors

You thought the Celtics had it bad, but at least we aren't the Raptors. Or perhaps more ominiously, consider Toronto to be an example of a rebuilding program. Yeesh.

  • Celtics starters set the tone with a big 1st quarter and put the game away in the 3rd.
  • Rondo did his best "scoring point guard" impression with a big 21 points (but just 2 assists)
  • He went down hard on his wrist and left the game after shooting the free throws. No reason for him to return to the game at that point - so hopefully he'll be alright.
  • Pietrus was on fire from downtown, hitting 4 threes
  • We had an extended JaJuan Johnson sighting - and he looked pretty good this time
Not much else to say about this one. The Celtics needed a win and the Raptors were all to willing to roll over and give up in the 3rd quarter.