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Ainge: I Was Only Stating The Obvious

Ainge created a bit of a stir with his comments today. Some silly blogs even went so far as to write long posts about it. But he's (perhaps correctly) wondering what all the big deal was about.

Ainge: If a trade can help, 'We'll do it

"It's just obvious," Ainge said. "Of course if we get the opportunity to make a trade that will help our team, we'll do it. I guess I was stating obvious answers and it became like a really big story. "We've all known there's a window for this group, so we're constantly evaluating that and been evaluating it for the last couple of years," he continued. "I don't have anything on the books. I don't have have anything imminent. There's nothing out there that I'm actively doing. I'm being patient with this group of guys. They believe that their much better than they're playing right now, Doc [Rivers] believes they're much better than we're playing right now. I believe that too."

Like I said, Ainge doesn't read blogs, so maybe he legitimately didn't know how big a deal his words were going to be at this time. But with the growing number of rumors out there, his "stating the obvious" is going to create a stir.

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