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Russell Westbrook Signs For $80M - Rajon Rondo Is A Bargain

Rondo loves to compare himself against the other top point guards in the league. Derrick Rose may not have a ring yet, but he's got an MVP trophy and a new cap rule named after him. Now Russell Westbrook has a higher annual salary than Rondo.

Russell Westbrook Signs 5 Year $80 Million Contract Extension - Welcome to Loud City

The Oklahoma City Thunder announced today that Russell Westbrook has signed a five year maximum contract extension worth about $80 million, or 25% of the team's salary cap.

The crazy thing about that is the fact that Russell actually left money on the table.

All Westbrook would need to do to qualify for a Rose Rule bump was to make All-NBA first, second, or third team. Unless he were to get hurt this season, the chances of that happening are extremely high. The opportunity was there, and Westbrook pushed his chair away from the table and said, "That's good for me."

By leaving money on the table, the Thunder now have greater capacity to re-sign James Harden and Serge Ibaka, both of whom have contract extensions coming up in the 2013 season. The Thunder will need both of those players if they are continue their championship pursuits.

The Thunder face some hard decisions in the future and will have to pay a lot of their young guys big money (or move them for cheaper assets). They are "lucky" to have Westbrook "settle" for 25% of the cap.

Meanwhile, the Celtics have Rondo locked up for $55M over 5 years. I call that a bargain.

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