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Lakers Lose To Heat; Kobe Bryant Frustrated

I wouldn't put their struggles on par with the Celtics and I'd gladly swap records so far with them, but the Lakers aren't exactly firing on all cylinders either these days. Since misery loves company, especially when it is a hated rival, I'll share this Wojo article with you.

Lakers' problems extend beyond loss to LeBron - NBA - Yahoo! Sports

When this 98-87 beating by the Heat was over on Thursday, Bryant had settled into something rarely seen in these circumstances. Something between resignation and exasperation. The offense feels like a mess because it is. These Lakers are fumbling for an identity with Mike Brown that isn’t there, waiting on their new coach to come to conclusions and push past the experimentation of too many games, too little practice time.

Am I petty enough to get warm fuzzies when Kobe is feeling down (for basketball related reasons)? Well, yeah, I guess I am. So shoot me.

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