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Rumor: Ainge Will Wait Another 10 Games

Yes, another "blow it up" rumor post that doesn't really add a lot of new information. My apologies in advance.

Postups: As Magic plot to keep Howard, other scenarios blossom - NBA -

League sources say Celtics president Danny Ainge is willing to wait at least 10 more games, and maybe longer, before deciding whether it's time to seriously pursue trade scenarios that would break up the Big Three.

Ainge has never wanted to let the Big Three era end because of age, leaving him with no resources to reload for another run of success -- which is why he engaged the Hornets in trade discussions for Chris Paul. The question he will confront in the coming weeks is whether it's too late. One rival GM said Thursday he believes the Celtics will hang on, take the time they need to figure out what they have, and still will be a dangerous out in the playoffs even as the seventh or eighth seed due to the extra rest and game-planning time in a seven-game series.

It isn't a secret that Ainge might want some more time to evaluate the current roster before getting too serious about the nuclear option. That said, it is interesting to hear report after report come out with little bits of specific information like this. Either there's a burning ember sitting in the woodshed, or there's a lot of people trying to make something out of nothing. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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