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U-G-L-Y You Ain't Got No Alibi; Celtics Lose To Suns

You've got to love a hard fought, defensive effort where both teams make each other fight for every...

...nope. I can't lie like that. This was ugly, bad, blame-the-lockout-if-you-want basketball and the Celtics lost to a bad Suns team. They scored the fewest points they have all season (they were still in the 50's in the 4th quarter) and turned the ball over 18 times. That's hardly even an excuse because the Suns turned it over 21 times, ...and won!

  • Let's see here, any positives? Well, Avery Bradley is looking more confident with his shot. That's all I got.
  • No Rondo, no chance? I guess you could use that excuse, but I'm not in the mood.
  • Why does Gortat always kill us? I don't get it.
  • The Celtics managed just a .405 FG percentage. Lovely.
  • Doc: "This game is on me and our staff. Our offense was awful. Nothing in the paint. All jump shots."
  • That's all I can say. I'm going to go throw things.

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