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Can We Rebuild Around Rajon Rondo?

Elrod Enchilada is an old friend of the blog. In fact, he's been writing online for as long as I have about the Celtics. He's developed a well thought out and detailed theory on building a Championship team that centers on having a top 5 or at least top 10 star on your team. So the logical question he comes up with is "does Rondo qualify?" He's not so sure.

Danny Ainge And The Art Of The Rebuild - RealGM Articles

So how could anyone ever consider Rondo a candidate for top-10 status? As Bob Ryan put it, Rondo’s game is sui generis. When he is on his game, relentlessly attacking the rim, drawing fouls, commanding the offense with unrivalled vision, skill, and panache, and being the most disruptive defensive guard of this generation, Rondo is as good as any player in the game. America had the privilege of seeing that Rondo numerous times in the playoffs over the past four seasons, when he cranked out insane triple doubles. But, alas, that Rondo only appears occasionally, perhaps because his body cannot stand the wear and tear of such a physical game. Most of the time Rondo is far less aggressive offensively, and is a top-25 player, not a top-10 player. And that is all the difference in the world when it comes to having a contender. Bottom line: Rondo can be a magnificent #2 guy on a championship contender, but if he is the best player on your team, you are unlikely to be in the inner circle of legitimate contenders.

Do you agree?

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