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Wojo: Magic Are Too Good To Trade Dwight Howard

This is an interesting take on the Dwight Howard sweepstakes.

Magic are too good to trade Howard - NBA - Yahoo! Sports

For this reason, the Magic should play out the season with Howard. No trade, no concessions. That’s the franchise’s inclination now, and that’s what the New Jersey Nets and Los Angeles Lakers are beginning to believe will happen. All that needs to happen in the Eastern Conference playoffs are Derrick Rose and Dwyane Wade going down, and Howard could get the Magic over the top.

"Orlando is too good to trade him now," believes one front office executive who has communicated with Magic general manager Otis Smith recently.

He goes on to point out that Bynum (perhaps the best single player they could get from trading Howard this season) would be a huge step back and could leave them out of the playoffs. The gamble obviously is convincing Howard to stay long term this offseason. Considering Dwight's still standing request to be traded, I wouldn't be too optimistic about that, but don't tell Otis Smith that. I'd just as soon not see him in a Lakers uniform. I'm not holding my breath to see him in Celtics green, but I wouldn't care if he went to Dallas or even the Clippers.

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