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Trade Idea of the Day - Paul Pierce For Rudy Gay

I'm not giving in to the blow it up plan yet, but it seems like a popular topic of conversation so who am I to begrudge you the opportunity to discuss it? So I'll propose a trade each day and let you rip it to shreds and/or find some value in it.

I'm not mentally or emotionally prepared to sign up for trading Paul Pierce for anyone. That said, if we decided to "blow it up" and trade Ray and KG and Paul let Danny know that he'd like to be dealt as well, rather than have to suffer through another rebuilding process, then I guess you'd have to listen to him and do what's best for him and the team.

So far, the idea that makes the most sense and seems somewhat reasonable to me is trading him to the Memphis Grizzlies for Rudy Gay. The idea is far from original - several people have suggested the idea - but I saw it first on WEEI.

Green Street " Irish Coffee: Four Paul Pierce Celtics trade scenarios

In this scenario, the Grizzlies would be the team saving money, as Gay is due $19.3 million in 2014-15. With Gay injured last season, Memphis came within one game of the Western Conference finals, as Shane Battier played 28 minutes a night and provided leadership for an inexperienced team. Once Zach Randolph gets healthy, the Grizzlies would be fielding a starting lineup of Marc Gasol, Randolph, Pierce, Tony Allen/O.J. Mayo and Mike Conley. That's a serious contender. Meanwhile, the Celtics get younger at small forward, reuniting the Rondo-Gay forehead alley-oop combination from this past summer.

This is a good example of the Celtics taking on a salary, but at least it is a salary that comes with a bigtime talent. Gay was overpaid the moment he signed that contract, and that might be the reason Memphis would be willing to trade him. That said, he's a very, very talented and young wing player that would serve us well in the future.

Assuming the Celtics don't take on additional salary in any Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett deals, you could potentially sell Dwight Howard on teaming up with Gay and Rondo for the future. At the very least, Gay is better than any non-Dwight/Deron free agent we could land this offseason and we'd still have cap space to burn.

Like I said, I want Paul retiring a Celtic, but if he asks to be traded, we could do worse than to get Rudy.

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