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I Hope Potential Free Agents Are Reading This

Keyon Dooling would like everyone to know how great the Celtics organization is.

Key(on) to the City

"This is by far the best organization I've ever played for," Dooling said. "They make it fun to come to work every day. They take care of you from the time you walk in the door with that good breakfast, to the time you leave, with that good lunch. And obviously when you get the coaching of Doc Rivers and you've got all the history around this place, and you've got a whole city behind you, a whole state behind you, a whole area behind you, it would be just asinine for somebody not to want to play here."

The Boston Celtics have a lot to offer players willing to give the city and the organization a shot. I don't know why the team hasn't had more success with free agents wanting to play here. We've got a big market, a loyal and intelligent fan base, and history galore.

Add in Doc Rivers, one of the most well respected coaches in the game and I don't know why the Celtics aren't on more players' wish-lists. Ok, it is cold, but so is New York and Chicago. Get to know us free agents and star players, you might like what you see.

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