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Celtics Take On The League Worst Wizards, Be Afraid

Never thought I'd fear a team that has a .250 winning percentage, but I'm wary of this Washington Bullets err, Wizards team. They've got youth, fresh athletic legs, and they've already seen us twice this year - so they know what they are facing in terms of our experience edge. Also, one of their wins was against the mighty Oklahoma City Thunder. So crazy things can happen.

But none of those are the main reasons I fear this game. I fear it the most because this could be rock bottom if we don't "pull out" a victory. On paper this should be a cakewalk. It was a cakewalk the prior two times. But that doesn't mean it will be this time.

I don't have the time or skill to do a full preview like the wizards (pun intended) of this blog do. But here's my key matchup.

Kevin Garnett vs. Captain Crunch Knucklehead Andre Blatche

Can KG get in Blatche's head again or will youth be served today? If KG is going to get back on track, this would be the time.

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