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Celtics Will Have Money To Spend This Summer

Regardless of Danny's decision to either blow it up or stay the course, the team (provided they don't take on salary in any trades) is going to have plenty of cash to spend this offseason. According to Ainge, that's even more valuable since the new Collective Bargaining Agreement was put into place.

Checking out a possible shopping list for Celtics - The Boston Globe

That means they will have about $25 million to spend, and under the new collective bargaining agreement, they must spend at least 85 percent of the yet-to-be-announced salary cap number. "I have always said cap space is a little overrated, but with the new collective bargaining agreement, cap space allows you more flexibility than it has in the past,’’ said Ainge. "Again, people look at cap space as an opportunity to go get a great player as a free agent. But there really aren’t franchise-changing players in the free agent market - other than a couple of guys, and there will be a lot of teams vying for them. "But it will be a different world than we’ve lived in the last four or five years, that’s for sure.’’

I've said all along, even if the team strikes out on Dwight or any other big name free agents, they've got a lot to work with in terms of cap space flexibility. How well Ainge uses it will determine how quickly we move on from the Big 3 era.

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