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Trade Idea of the Day: Bring Back Joe Johnson

If only the Celtics could have sent Kedrick Brown to the Suns instead of Joe Johnson all those ages ago, things might have gone a little differently. Then again, since we got Banner 17, I'm not complaining. Still, Johnson will forever be one of the ones that got away.

Now he's a vastly overpaid but still very good player that the Hawks would probably not mind getting rid of in a salary dump. Kevin Garnett's deal matches up and might be enough to get it done. And if he could be convinced to show up, he might even be able to teach Josh Smith and Al Horford a few good lessons before he retires.

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I can't say that I'm crazy about this idea myself, but finding matches for a guy that makes KG's money is hard work. Besides, Rondo is a bargain, so going forward spending a little extra on a guy like Joe Johnson might actually be justified.

On the other hand, it kind of smells too much like the Pistons throwing cap space at Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva to me. I think Johnson is on the decline (he's been in the league 10 years!) and will be making $24M when he's 34 years old. So ultimately I'd pass on this idea.

(Waiting to hear the "you picked the wrong Hawk, we need to go after Josh Smith" comment in 3, 2, 1...)

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