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Dwight Howard Wants That Boston Championship Swagger

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Before you get too excited with that title, read the whole quote.

The NBA’s hurt locker -

Instead, Howard is so curious about how the Celtics do business, he’s pumped Davis for information. "He’s always on me to tell him stories about how we won the championship, because he wants to win it," Davis said. "Things are great with him. He’s allowed me to see what kind of person he is. It’s good, because we believe in the same things. It’s a different culture and a different lifestyle on this team, like being in a foreign country from what I know — a whole new country."

Dwight Howard wants to know what it is like to win a title. If he could figure out a way to play with the Big 3 from a couple of years ago, he'd welcome that chance. Instead he's playing with Big Baby and pumping him for war stories.

My guess is that he'll be in Dallas next year. They are clearing the decks for him and have an owner that is willing to spend and has a title belt to wear around the office.

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