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Doc: Celtics Were Out Of Shape

Lookin' tired.
Lookin' tired.

If there's one thing that I wasn't all that worried about headed into the season it was being in shape. Kevin Garnett is a maniac that has to be held back from working. Ray Allen's OCD routines are legendary. Paul Pierce has come into camp looking better each year and runs a charity called "Truth on Health" which promotes fitness for kids. The only star I might have worried a little about is Rajon Rondo - in part because he was hurt in the playoffs last year and might have been limited in his offseason routine.

Still, all these guys had ample time to rest early in the offseason and keep themselves prepared in the event that the lockout got worked out in time for Christmas. Apparently that didn't happen.

Doc: We weren’t ready -

"I do, but I’d like to find out for sure and get us in shape and get us healthy and get us playing the right way — and then I could give you that answer," Rivers said before Ray Allen went out with an injured left ankle in yesterday’s 100-94 triumph against the Wizards. "I did before camp started and I saw any of them walk in the door. When they walked in the door, I said, ‘Boy, we’d better get in shape quick.’ I do, but I’d like to have a real answer, and it’s very difficult to give you any type of answer right now."

Pierce was set back by an early injury (or was the injury partly a result of poor conditioning?). Garnett looks old and has lost lift on his jump. Is that partly because he's out of game shape or is it just the many, many miles on his odometer catching up with him? Rondo has looked good in stretches, but once again is inconsistent. At least Ray has looked in pristine shape - but now he's got an ankle issue, which can't help.

To Doc's credit, he's not trying to make excuses (even if it does sort of come across that way.

"You can't use the lockout as an excuse, because other teams didn't. They came in ready. That's out fault."

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