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Big Baby Returns to the Garden

Glen Davis is making his return to Boston tonight. He's wondering if he's going to "get some love" from us.

Allen nursing an ankle injury - The Boston Globe

"I don’t know, I hope so, I hope they give me love,’’ Davis told Orlando-area reporters yesterday. "I was there for a long time. I think they will. I will probably get some boos. Wherever the situation was [right], that’s where I was going.’’ Celtics fans welcomed Perkins back warmly because his trade was so unpopular. Davis, however, produced poorly last season and his uneven play was one of the reasons the Celtics didn’t push him to re-sign him. "If they play a video [tribute] or something, it will be kind of a [tearjerker],’’ he said. "I don’t think I’ll cry if they cheer, but if they play that song, ‘I Remember You,’ I mean that’s a sad song, who doesn’t cry over that?’’

I honestly don't know if the team will do some sort of tribute video. They didn't for Leon Powe. I don't think they did for Tony Allen. So I kind of doubt it.

So how will you greet Big Baby (or if you aren't at the game, how would you greet him if you were)?

If you are wondering, put me down for a respectful 30 seconds of clapping, without going over the top. I was happy to see him go, but I'll always smile when I think back on Shrek & Donkey.

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