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Ray Allen: It's Not About Age

Ray Allen is 36 years young, and growing backwards.
Ray Allen is 36 years young, and growing backwards.

The common refrain this year has been about the team's old age is slowing it down. Ray Allen isn't ready to concede that point just yet.

With the team finally built, now comes the hard part for OKC |

"I don't think it's about age," Allen said Sunday. "If you look at some of the things we have and have not done, it's not an age thing; it's a same page thing. If you watch us in games we've lost, it's bad ball movement. Offensively, we haven't scored. In some games, you could say we've had good looks. But then in some games you'd say we haven't worked well with each other to make simple plays."

Aldridge goes on to point out a few undersold things that the Celtics are doing well that might have been lost because of the all-important win totals.

A group that still does so many things well -- entering play Sunday, Boston was sixth-best in the league in points allowed, 12th in field-goal percentage allowed and eighth in assists per game. They are smart and tough and well-coached.

Perhaps there are some sunnier days ahead. If we could just get that offense headed in the right direction...

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