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Checking On Celtics Long Injury List

One of the more remarkable things about last night's victory is that it happened when the team was so short handed. Three of the bright spots on this team early this year have been Rondo, Ray, and Pietrus but all were out of action.

Celtics’ latest injury is to Mickael Pietrus - The Boston Globe

Mickael Pietrus, who played nearly 35 minutes in Sunday’s 100-94 win over the Wizards, and who didn’t appear to be hurt, sat out last night’s 87-56 demolition of the Magic at TD Garden because of a right shoulder injury. He showed up for shootaround yesterday ailing, barely able to release a shot without pain. He strolled around the locker room as if he were in the lineup but was a late scratch. Rajon Rondo (right wrist), Ray Allen (left ankle), Keyon Dooling (right knee), and Chris Wilcox (left calf) also were out.

Pietrus is the one that is coming out of the blue. Apparently he couldn't even lift his shoulder over his head. I'm no more of a doctor than Doc is, but that doesn't sound good. Hopefully he'll be "bringing sexy back" soon (sorry, couldn't resist). Thankfully Rajon is scheduled to come back on Thursday, so he and Avery Bradley should give Jameer Nelson fits all over again.

Reliving all the Magic -

Rivers isn’t sure of how many of the wounded will make the trip, though he believes Rondo and Keyon Dooling have the best chance of playing in Orlando.

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