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Ray Allen Not On Trip; Everyone Else Is

Sounds like Ray Allen has a few reasons not to make the trip to Orlando.

Allen not on trip to Orlando

Celtics guard Ray Allen is the only player not on the team's trip to Orlando Tuesday morning. In addition to dealing with an ailing ankle that forced him to miss Monday's first game against the Magic, Allen's wife, Shannon, is also pregnant and the latest addition to the family is expected soon.

First of all, congrats to the Allen family!

Secondly, it also is being reported that Rondo, Dooling, and even Pietrus are all shooting to return by Thursday and Wilcox is moving closer to being able to play. Don't get me wrong, I'd almost like to play the exact same unit that played Monday just to see if we could duplicate that game. But realistically (and long term) it will likely take more live bodies to get the job done.

Howard and company are going to be looking for payback and they already bounced back by beating the Pacers tonight. Expect them to come out swinging elbows (metaphorically or otherwise).

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