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Potential 2012 Free Agents Dropping Like (Well Paid) Flies

The worst kept secret around was that Kevin Love was going to sign an extension. So sure enough, he did.

Kevin Love signs a contract extension with a curious opt-out clause | Ball Don't Lie - Yahoo! Sports

First, everyone applaud Love and the Timberwolves for signing what could turn into a four-year, $62 million contract extension. Then, everyone freak out as we realize that Love has an opt-out clause after the third year of the deal, should the next three seasons of Love's career resemble anything like his first three seasons with the Timberwolves. Even though the Wolves have made significant progress in Love's fourth season, winning seven of their first 17 games, the team is three games out of the Western playoff bracket and still has quite a lot to do in order to put together the sort of roster that can be counted on for multiple postseason appearances.

Joining him is Danilo Gallinari:

Danilo Gallinari agrees to four-year, $42 million extension with Nuggets - Sam Amick -

Denver Nuggets small forward Danilo Gallinari has agreed to a four-year, $42 million extension that will keep him with the Nuggets through 2016, two sources told

Next up could be Eric Gordon.

Eric Gordon's Extension - At The Hive

By allowing the Hornets to negotiate a 4 year deal with Gordon today, Stern opened up the third possibility - getting a healthy Gordon for below market value. Of course, the third possibility also implies the existence of a significantly less pleasant fourth option - paying tens of millions of dollars a year to a player that can't play any more, and it's up to the medical staff to determine Gordon's long term injury prognosis. But yesterday's news, an independent New York doctor calling his knee "structurally sound," was a clear step forward.

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