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Avery Bradley Is Not Rajon Rondo, And That's OK

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Rondo is out for another night, but Avery Bradley has already done enough to merit playing time once he returns to the bench. But that could mean some adjustments. Here's Doc's take.

Offense may adjust to Avery Bradley -

"Because Avery’s not Rondo. He’s not going to be Rondo as far as running a team. But what he does defensively is so good for us it’s good to have him out on the floor. So if we have to have him out on the floor as a point, then we have to run a different set so that group can function offensively." It also means either Paul Pierce [stats] or Kevin Garnett will have to be on the court with Bradley, "because we’ve run half our offense from the elbows of late."

Doc is right, Avery is not Rondo - especially on offense. But as we saw on Monday, Pierce and others can pick up some of the load in terms of distributing the ball. In fact, that forced ball movement might have been just the thing this team needed to snap out of their offensive doldrums.

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