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Celtics Need More Inside Scoring

Our good friend Jimmy Toscano has some interesting analysis regarding the Celtics scoring in the paint.

Celtics desperate for inside scoring

So just how bad is it? Well, the C’s are averaging 22 shots at the rim per game (9th most in NBA), while hitting just over 13. That puts them at 60-percent from under the basket, ranking 25th in the NBA. That percentage is based on dunks, layups, tip-ins, and baskets of that nature. But what if they step back a bit, say 3-9 feet away from the basket? Has the production been better there? Nope. Worse. The C’s have all but abandoned the low-post game it would seem, and you can’t really blame them. Not only are they attempting just nine shots from 3-9 feet per game (25th in NBA), they’re hitting on average just 2.7, putting them at a 29.9 percent success rate. Only one team shoots a worse percentage than that, the New York Knicks.

So how do you fix this? I haven't a clue. All our best big men are jump shooters and if Rondo goes to the hoop any more than he already is, he'll be in traction by March. Maybe we just need to play to our strengths and hope the jumpers fall.

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