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Rondo May Be Out For A Month - Maybe

Rajon Rondo has missed the last 5 games with the hurt wrist that he injured on January 18th. That night Danny Ainge said "he's fine" and told us that the MRI was negative. That's all well and good, but when is he going to play again?

Rondo himself (who sometimes has a way of being coy with things like this) isn't exactly being clear on when he expects to be back. Here's his quote via CSNNE:

The point guard was vague about his expected return, offering, "I am going to play -- one day. Maybe like next -- hopefully before All-Star Break. That's my goal, to come back before All-Star. I'm going to try to get February, like my birthday, like before Oklahoma."

I think the general point he's trying to get across is "I'm not sure, but it could be another few weeks." But since I've got nothing better to do and this is what I do, let's (over)analyze this.

  • "One day" - well, I hope so
  • "Maybe like next" - wanted to say next week?
  • "hopefully before the All-Star Break" - woah, wait, you mean the All Star break that starts February 23rd?
  • "I'm going to try to get February..." - well, February 1st is just a few days away...
  • " my birthday" - Rondo was born on Feb. 22, 1986
  • " before Oklahoma." - that's scheduled for Feb. 22 (hey, at least Perkins will get to celebrate with him on his birthday)
So, if we take Feb. 22nd as his target date, he'll miss another 13 games before playing again. Wow. That's not exactly what I expected when Ainge said "he's fine."

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