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Dwight Howard Unleashes On Teammates

Last week the Magic had a 11 - 4 record and were fresh off beating up on the Lakers and they were feeling pretty good about themselves. Then the Celtics happened. Then they lost to the New Orleans Hornets by 26 points and now the wheels are looking kinda wobbly on that bus.

Here's what Dwight Howard had to say to his teammates through the press.

Dwight Howard questions teammates’ desire – Orlando Magic BasketBlog – Orlando Sentinel

Magic star Dwight Howard says if his teammates should stay home or in the lockeroom if they don’t want to play hard. Howard was frustrated and disgusted with his team’s play after a 93-67 loss to the hapless New Orleans Hornets on Friday night, the Magic’s third loss in four games. "Looked like guys didn’t want to play," he said. "I told them at halftime, if you don’t want to play, just stay in the lockerroom. It doesn’t make sense for a teams we should beat to just demolish us. "You bring everything down," Howard said, referring to a player who isn’t playing with heart and soul.

That's just the beginning of it too. He goes on to rant about how the trade stuff shouldn't be a distraction and all that. Sounds like he's upset about the threadcount of the sheets in the bed that he made himself. Oh well.

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