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4th Quarter Collapse Ends Celtics Win Streak

Just when I heaped praise on the bench unit, the Big 3 needed to carry the team and didn't have enough left in the tank to finish it out. They let the Cavs take a 12-0 run to steal the game from them. Just a shocking collapse.

  • Irving looks like a player doesn't he? Crazy clutch drive and score at the end.
  • Gotta tip my hat to Varejao who's still giving maximum effort even without King James in town.
  • That dunk by Bass when he blew past Jamison was filthy sick.
  • Great to see Ray Allen back out there and it looks like he didn't miss a beat with a cool 4-6 from 3 land. But that last miss late in the 4th would have been nice.
  • Pierce didn't get a very good look at the buzzer, but it never should have gotten to that point.
  • They better take care of business on Tuesday. This isn't how I wanted to end the winning streak (though I guess there's no real good way for it to end).

Sorry for the short delay getting this recap up, I had to completely change it in the last couple minutes. Funny how that happens.

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