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Dwight Howard Wants You To Love Him

Update: The Magic just lost 74 - 69 to the Sixers. Do you hear an axle dragging on concrete?

The Dwight Howard situation has become a sideshow much like the Melo-drama of a year ago. This isn't exactly news in the traditional sense of the word. But it is interesting the way a slow motion car wreck is interesting. Both Howard and the Magic are between a rock and a hard elbow and try as they might, they can't figure out a way to get through it comfortably.

Before he leaves, Dwight Howard would like the Magic to stop being awful | Ball Don't Lie - Yahoo! Sports

It's been nine days since Adrian Wojnarowski wrote that the Magic were too good to trade Howard. He was right before he wrote it, and he's right on Jan. 30. The Magic still have a chance with an MVP-level talent playing at the NBA's most important position, and with all that potential surrounding him in the form of Nelson, who is literally playing half as well as he should. Half. Not off slightly. Half as well. Add in the abject lack of trading partners and/or suitable packages in return for Howard, and you have a clear verdict. No trade, please. Not even Otis Smith would pull a deal right now.

I think one of the big reasons for the situation is Dwight's endless need to be loved. All he wants is for people to love him, so he tells the Orlando fans he wants to stay, he tells the Boston reporters that he would listen to offers from Boston, and he tells the Chicago reporters that the Windy City is a neato place as well. All while telling the Magic to pretty please trade him somewhere where he can win.

To wit, Trey Kirby hilariously lists the places that Howard would consider playing.

Methinks he's trying very hard to make everyone love him and in the process may make everyone tired of his act.

Of course all that changes if he actually did decide to pick Boston this summer, but I'm going to pointedly not hold my breath so I can say "I knew it" and not be too upset when he goes elsewhere in the offseason.

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