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More Well Deserved Praise For Brandon Bass

If there's one thing that this team needed it was a consistent player off the bench that knows their role and plays it well. Done, done, and done.

Green Street " Irish Coffee: It’s not the Celtics bench’s fault

Traded for the ever inconsistent Glen Davis, Bass, especially, has been as steady as they come. Playing all 19 games (4 starts), he has averaged 11.9 points and 6.3 rebounds, reaching double figures 15 times and recording two double-doubles. Bass has played four more games and averages 6.3 more minutes and than O’Neal.

Added Garnett: "Brandon’s efficient. He knows his game. He doesn’t come out of that. He’s playing with a group of guys who are rooting for him. I don’t think he’s ever been rooted for us like this. We praise each other, but at the same time we push each other, and he’s no different from that. He’s falling right into being a Celtic."

I really like Brandon Bass. He's not a star, but he is the kind of grinder that every team needs.

The article goes on to highlight every player on the bench.

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