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Same Story, Different Ending, Celtics Win This Time

Deja vu isn't any fun when you are experiencing a nightmare all over again. The Celtics once again held a large lead in through 3 quarters and once again let the Cavs go on a huge run in the 4th quarter. They played passively and let Cleveland be the aggressors. This time, however, they had enough of a cushion (20 points at one point) that they were able to hang on by the skin of their teeth for the victory. Let's not do this again real soon, shall we?

  • 2 big buckets in the 4th by Brandon Bass - not who I'd expect to be our clutch guy, but I'll take it
  • A nice bucket by Garnett in the final minutes - good to see it
  • Also a nice clutch block of Varejao by Jermaine O'Neal right after that. Good night back for him.
  • More deja vu, that kid Irving can play.
  • 20 points and 20 rebounds by Sideshow Bob??? Really? *facepalm*
  • Cavs outscored us 58 to 34 in the last two 4th quarters.
  • So, I don't think you can really call that win "revenge" when it was so pathetic at the end, but oh well. A win is a win. Next!

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