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Winning Ugly Is Still Winning

What happens when a whole game is (pretty much) played like it is garbage time? Well, it is sloppy, there's a few runs by both teams, the better team pulls ahead, and then you see lots of reserves. But a win is a win is a win, so now we're above .500 and on a 4 game winning streak. So there's that. Next!

Other notes:

  • Paul Pierce looks to be feeling just fine - though I'm sure he's still sore.
  • Brandon Bass continues to endear himself to fans and the coaching staff. Love this guy.
  • Avery Bradley actually had one of his best nights as a pro tonight.
  • "Only" one block for Greg Stiemsma tonight.
  • JaJuan Johnson made an appearance - though only after we were up 20 with just a few minutes to go. He posted goose eggs across the board.
  • Meanwhile, MarShon Brooks looks like a pro out there, leading his (bad) team with 17 points. Not sure how different things would have been if we had just picked him and not traded him, but it is a data point of reference.

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