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Ugly and Painful...and hopefully not repeatable...

Rebounds? No! Offense Ball Movement? No! Good Shooting? No, No No! Good Referee's? No! Streak Over? Yes!

It was ugly. It was painful. But it happens. Let's move on.

The Celtics and Pacers came out running from the opening bell and seemed to have a fairly steady PACE of pushing the ball up the court but certainly not scoring! Just Wow.......horrible. The first half shooting performance was like watching two guns, both loaded with blanks, shooting aimlessly at nothing. The Celtics, in the end, were not able to push their win streak to 5, and thus not taking full advantage of their home court stand this past week.

The 1st quarter ended up in a very low 14-14 tie, with the Pacers missing their last 14 shots of the 1st Quarter. The Celtics were not much better. The second quarter was more of the same - only worse!. It was a bricklaying contest interspersed with fouls, turnovers and the feel of a bad YMCA pick-up game. The Pacers went on a late 8-0 run to close out the second quarter to be up by 8 points at the half. The Celtics scored only 11 points in the second quarter to finish with ONLY 25 POINTS? A season low and a tie for a Franchise low.

First Half Highlights: NONE, ZERO, NADA, NOTHING!!!

Second Half and Overall Highlights and Lowlights:

- Rondo stayed aggressive but to no avail. He was sloppy at times but stayed aggressive.

- Ray was back in the lineup and steady - but not enough tonight.

- Steimsma didn't choke "Weekend at Bernie's" Referee after three terrible calls in the 3rd Quarter. (Great block by the way by Steamer). I should complain about the referees.....but I won't.

- Jermaine not seriously injured and hopefully not a nagging rib injury.

- Pierce 3-16 shooting - just an off off off night....he was overdue. It happens, but it was painful.

-Ancient Jeff Foster continues his rebounding prowess against the Celtics - I have always disliked him but he does his job.

My advice for the next 4 days:

Rebound Drills! (per Tommy)

Rest and watch film (when not in rebounding drills)

Try to forget this was ugly, painful and hopefully not repeatable.

.....Enjoy the weekend Celtic fans...Peace from Po

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