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Celtics Withdraw Qualifying Offer; Jeff Green Unrestricted Free Agent

This is an interesting development in the Jeff Green story. He's now an unrestricted free agent.

Boston Celtics withdrew qualifying offer, Jeff Green now UFA - ESPN Boston

That's because the Boston Celtics, in a move that was not made public, withdrew Green's qualifying offer in mid-December, right around the time he failed his physical and had his one-year, $9 million contract voided. The move means Green is now an unrestricted free agent. Had the offer not been withdrawn, and the Celtics were under no obligation whatsoever to do so, Green would have been a restricted free agent, with the Celtics able to match any offer he might get from another team....

It may have been nothing more than a goodwill gesture on the part of the Celtics to Green and his agent, David Falk, who said the team has been "phenomenal" in handling the situation.

"It was not something we expected or bargained for, but coming as it did after such devastating medical news it was almost like an early Christmas present," Falk said.

It is curious that Danny Ainge would have taken this unexpected move and I doubt that it is completely due to goodwill. I just don't think Danny would give up a benefit like that so easily. That said, we still have the opportunity to offer him the most money because of his Bird rights and with the team embracing him and supporting him as much as they can - he might be inclined to return to the team regardless.

Or, perhaps Jeff Green was never in the team's long term plans and they intend to make a clean break next year anyway. Hard to say. What I will say is that we are pretty much guaranteed to get a very different looking team next year.

One other thing I will say with great emphasis and heartfelt prayer: Jeff Green, may your surgery and recovery go perfectly and may you return to the basketball court with full health as soon as is safe. God bless.

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