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Offensive Offense - Turning Point or Trend?

Early in the year the Celtics couldn't stop anyone. Of course, by anyone I mean the offense minded Knicks and the high powered fast break attack of the Heat. Now the Celtics seem to be going through dry periods where they are having trouble trouble scoring.

Green Street " Celtics at a loss to explain slow starts

The TD Garden crowd serenaded the Celtics with boos while they left the court with their heads hung low. The possession exemplified Boston’s dreadful 25-point first-half output. The anemic offensive display tied a franchise record set in 1995 and repeated in 1999. "It sucks to be on the wrong side of history," Ray Allen said. "Especially with the firepower we have, you never think we could score so few points. We can always look back and remember this game."

Will this be a wake up game or will it be a trend? Remember that the offense sputtered in the first half of the New Jersey game before the defense created offensive opportunities and the team went on a run in the 2nd half.

I honestly didn't see the game on Friday and I was advised to erase the game from my DVR. But I have to think that part of the problem is that our vets can't consistently score like they could back in the day. Anyone with talent can score 20 or even 30 points in a particular game. It takes a real star to be able to contribute night in and night out and I'm afraid that might not be the case with our veterans. Even more concerning is that it still might not be the case with Rajon Rondo. Concerning to say the least.

On the other hand, if ever the team had a chance to work out the kinks and get on the right track it would be now. They have 4 days off - an eternity in this squashed together season. After this, there's no room for excuses for a while.

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