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KG and The Church of Celtic Pride

Looking for the right pass (as usual).
Looking for the right pass (as usual).

It is nice to know that fans outside of Boston see more than just the snarl and the swagger from Kevin Garnett. They know and respect the man for being larger than life because he never makes himself larger than the team.

Video: KG and the Church of Celtic Pride -

Garnett makes you believe that the cliches are real. Trust me, when you do this enough, you can tell from inflection who means it and who's going through the motions. And some go through the motions with the press but believe it privately. But KG is one of the few in the league who talks the talk of the walk he walks. In a sport where so many players are steadfast in their struggle to be self-aware, to understand how much greater they can be if they let go of ego, who are always considering themselves and their image and brand first, Garnett is a rarity. He was made to do this. He was made for Boston.

He was made to be a Celtic.

Love it.

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