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Leaving, on a jet plane

The Celtics are headed out to Turkey on their European training camp tour. This should be fun.

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The Celtics are headed out to Turkey on their European training camp tour. This should be fun. - Blogs: Celtics Insider" Blog Archive " Celtics training camp takes flight, heads to Turkey

Rajon Rondo joked that he’s most looking forward to shopping on the team’s trip to Istanbul and Milan. The Celtics depart tonight and will be in Europe for a week, and they are hoping the trip provides more than some new clothes.

"Obviously we want to work on team chemistry," Kevin Garnett said. "We want to get better every time we step on the floor. From a basketball standpoint, obviously we’re still getting to know each other. But it’s bigger than that. I think the trip to Turkey will be more social. The trip to Milan will be more for the chemistry. I don’t think none of us have been to Turkey…it’s all positives."

I love the idea of this team turning the page from that other guy, number 20 and starting a new chapter with a nice European Vacation. All we need is Chevy Chase and a beret with the name Rusty on it.

Boston Celtics embrace their big adventure in Europe - ESPN Boston

"When we went to Rome five years ago, it was great when you brought a new team together," he said. "When you go abroad, to a place and it's foreign to you, guys have a tendency to come together. Usually, when we're practicing here in Waltham, guys go to practice, you talk in the locker room, then you go home to your families. When you're overseas, you go to practice, then the guys go to lunch together, go to dinner together, so it gives you a better opportunity to get to know your teammates. "That sort of bond really helps a team in the long run when you get the guys together like that," Pierce added. "I think that was instrumental in our run to a championship the first year, and I'm excited about this trip. It's going to be fun just getting with the new guys and experiencing it and understanding it's going to be a long journey. It's starting this year in Turkey and hopefully it ends with an NBA championship again."


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