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Courtney Lee sees championship vibe with Celtics

Courtney Lee likes what he sees from the Celtics thus far.

Newcomer Lee likes ‘vibe’ of Green -

"The vibe here is totally different," said Lee, who will start at least until Avery Bradley returns in December. "It’s one of the best 1-through-15 teams I’ve been on where everybody is being cool with each other and on the same page. The coaching staff is committed to winning a championship. "That’s not a knock on any other team," he said. "I’m sure the goal was the same everywhere else. But here you can feel it and see it, instead of just hearing about it. There’s the constant reminders, the constant videos in the locker room playing last year’s playoffs. The conversations you have with everyone from management all the way down to the ball boys and the equipment guys. Everyone is committed to winning a championship.

That's the sense that I get from this distance, so seeing it up close must be pretty impressive.