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Celtics Have Very Tame Rookie Hazing

There is rookie hazing and then there's rookie introductions with maybe making them sing a song.

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"We had to introduce ourselves to the whole organization," Jared Sullinger explained. "Pretty much all we had to do was, when we went to dinner, they brought us up, they asked us where we were from, what school, all the little things like that, and then they said, 'What's your favorite song?' You had to tell them your favorite song and then you had to sing it ... Stuff like that is fun." Sullinger said he went with Public Service Announcement by Jay-Z, off The Black Album. He and his fellow rookies didn't have to labor through any embarrassing first-year hazing, as the older C's kept things pretty straightforward. While some teams, even in other sports, exploit their rookies with embarrassing costumes and duties, the Celtics choose a more conservative route. "Our rookie duties are pretty easy," Sullinger said. "They ask you to do something, you do it. That's it. It's nothing outrageous, nothing crazy. They won't put us in harm's way. It's just, 'Can you get me a bag of chips?' or something like that. It's easy. It's nothing hard."

I am not a proponent of going to extremes in rookie hazing, but you have to at least embarrass and humble them at some point don't you? Make them get bad haircuts. Have them wear women's clothes down the street in Milan, the fashion mecca. Something besides a song and "get me a bag of chips."

Oh well. We'll always have '08 when they made Big Baby eat random things. That was fun.

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