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Kevin Garnett: "I don't really talk a lot"

Kevin Garnett talks to teammates on defense, he talks to opponents, he talks to himself, he even talks to the basket stansion before each game. But apparently he doesn't talk much to players during practice.

Green Street " Kevin Garnett: ‘I don’t really talk a lot’

"That’s why I don’t really talk a lot. I like to be the example. Anything after practice that I can help them with, I kind of pull them to the side and show them different things. We watch a lot of film in the locker room and talk. For these young guys, man, I just try to be there for when they need me. I’m not a guy to push myself on anybody, but anything that they want to know, anything that they’re having trouble with, I try to be accessible to them."

So he leads by example THEN leads by teaching. Bottom line, this guy is a great mentor.