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John Hollinger rips Jeff Green signing

So, John Hollinger is not a big fan of the Jeff Green signing. He brings up all the usual reasons and tosses in some hyperbole for extra spice.

2012-13 NBA preview: Boston Celtics outlook - ESPN (Insider)

Can they amnesty Green yet, or do they have to wait until the games start? Maybe the Celtics are just trying to keep us on our toes and prove they're capable of screwing up, too. Here's what we know: Green was a fungible player before he missed last season with a heart problem; guaranteeing him four years (with a player option on the fourth!) at a rate far beyond any rational market level is something we might expect from a couple of the league's bumbling organizations, but certainly not this one. I can't stress this enough: Green is 26 and played four full seasons in the league, and after all that time there's no evidence he's actually any good and considerable evidence that he's a health risk. Yet he's being paid like a second-tier star. This was, without a doubt, the worst contract of the summer.

Ouch. The worst of the summer huh? I guess time will tell.

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