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It takes a village to raise Jason Terry

Another great piece from Jessica Camerato at on Jason Terry and his many influences that have helped him in his career. It's helping me forget how well #20 shot today in China against the Clippers.

Greg M. Cooper-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Benedict Allen wanted the ball more. He wanted to be the ball handler in pick-and-rolls. He wanted to feel loved. In Terry, we've got a player who embodies UBUNTU and won't bring that selfishness to the table. I'd like to personally thank his mom, his high school basketball coach, Gary Payton, and Avery Johnson for molding him into the leader he is today. I love this line from the article:

The influences who shaped Jason Terry's career

"Push the starters, that's our job," Terry told "Our job is to make them better and make it game-like every time we step on the floor. We want it to be even tougher than the game is."

He continued with a laugh, "They're young, so they're going to do whatever I say anyways. If I tell them jump on one leg, bark like a dog, they're going to do it. But what I do is lead by example. I have to make sure I'm right every day, make sure I'm early, make sure I'm in tune with what's going on, and then direct them with my voice."

You think "that guy" would say something like that? Jason Terry, do you think "that guy" would say something like that?

Jason Terry: "Who?"

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