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Celtics play 6 preseason games in 9 days

The lockout schedule returns! Except this time is is a welcome change of pace.

Boston Celtics, Doc Rivers set to plow through exhibitions

The Boston Celtics launched into a game-heavy stretch that features six exhibition tilts in nine nights starting with Saturday's overtime loss to the New York Knicks at the XL Center. After spending a week in Europe, the Celtics caught a few days of practice last week but will now plow through their remaining preseason slate. And that's just fine by coach Doc Rivers.

"I love it. Listen, get them all out of the way, then you have practice time," Rivers said before Saturday's game. "I think we have [eight practice] days before the first game [in Miami on Oct. 30], and I like that better than having that last preseason game and having four or five days before your first game. I like the way we're doing it. I think we should play eight in a row."

Preseason is the best.