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Jackie MacMullan on Rajon Rondo: snack king, den mother, leader

Here's another great piece from Jackie MacMullan about Rajon Rondo and his maturation into a leader.

Greg M. Cooper-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Block quoting any of this article wouldn't do it justice and highlighting the entire thing would be straight up plagiarism. You gotta check it out. There's great insight about Rondo's leadership skills behind closed doors, his rocky dynamic with #20, and his very personal relationship with each and every player. The biggest takeaway is that while the media has been harping on RR about taking the reigns of this team, he's been doing all along in the background. This off season, it's clear that he understands that public perception (unfortunately) is part of the formula and he's embraced that part of the equation, too.