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Celtics open to adding a veteran

Doc Rivers is always open to adding a veteran that can help.

Pregame: Health updates, cut reactions - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Rivers said the team still plans to keep 15 players and is open to someone from the outside if a cheap veteran can help this team at any position, not just a backup ball-handler. "Maybe the Heat will cut LeBron [James] or whoever," he said. "We’re always looking. Every team is always looking. If nothing comes, does that bother us? No. It’d be great to get another guy at any position. Obviously, at [point guard] it would help, but we can’t also forget that Avery [Bradley] is coming back too. We don’t want to overdo the point guard thing." Rivers did caution that the moves are in no way a reflection that Bradley is moving closer to a return.