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Fab Melo Passes First Test

A young big man gets one chance to listen to KG's instructions. If you don't he's done with you for all time. Melo listened, so he passed his first test.

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The Celtics flew for 11 hours to get to Turkey and in order to acclimate the team to the time change, Doc Rivers had the team stay up and head right to practice.

I'm sure that practice wasn't the most productive one, but here's one interesting tid-bit.

Kevin Garnett talks turkey with Fab Melo -

And no sooner had practice broke — the heavy stuff won’t be applied until tomorrow — than a bespectacled Garnett had Fab Melo over in one corner of the floor, attempting to teach the rookie the proper way to post up against an arm-barring defender. Melo, his eyes glued to Garnett’s every move, has obviously passed the first test. KG wants to teach him.

You've gotta think that this kid is dead tired. KG? He doesn't really sleep. I think he just roams around his house at night watching game tape and muttering things to himself that are unprintable. But Melo is a normal human being and you have to imagine that he was ready to find a nice soft pillow and call it a day.

Still, he had his "eyes glued" to Garnett and passed KG's infamous test. You know, the one where a young big man gets one chance to listen to him, and if you don't he's done with you for all time?

Basically, if you and I know about this test, and Doc feels comfortable enough to talk about it with the media, then Melo's agent has certainly heard of it. In fact, I'm sure the staff pulled him aside and told him, "if you want to see one minute of action this year, you will listen to every word this man says."

You know what? Scratch that last sentence. Maybe all of that happened, or maybe not. Who in their right mind would refuse to listen to Kevin Garnett if he wants to teach you about playing basketball? Well, rumor has it Patrick O'Bryant for one, but that's ancient history. Every year could be KG's last, and if you have a chance to play with him for a year, or a few months, or a few days, you soak up everything or you aren't worth anything. Period.

So, now we know that Melo is at least smarter than O'Bryant. Then again, Ryan Hollins was an eager pupil too, so you have to have some talent to translate it to success on the court. I think Melo has more talent than either one of those guys, so that's a good sign. How good remains to be seen. He's taken the first step. Next is preseason action. This should be educational for him and for us.

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