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Ray Allen blames the Boston Celtics for his departure

In a recent interview Ray Allen lays out his reasons for leaving the Boston Celtics. He places the blame on the organization and says it was a bad situation for him.

don't boo me bro
don't boo me bro
Chris Trotman

In a recent interview Ray Allen lays out his reasons for leaving the Boston Celtics.

The first set of comments I don't think anyone disagrees with or has any issue with. He did a lot here both on the court and off it. Hat tip to him for that.

Sports Radio Interviews " Blog Archive " Ray Allen: The Boston Celtics Put Me In Position Where I Had To Move

How did you deal with all the negativity of you leaving Boston because you chose to come here?

"Well it was just really a shame because on one hand you could say so many great things about me as a player and my impact on the floor, and not only on the floor but off the floor, like we did so many great things in the community — not only as a team, but as individuals — and that was my community and I support it as much as I could. We had some foundation initiatives that we still continue to do, so that doesn’t change me.

It is this next set of comments that I don't really get. I guess this is where Doc says that he doesn't agree with Ray's reasons but they are what they are.

It was a business decision and the team put me in the position where we had to move. We had to go. Miami was a better choice for us based on what the team was doing, so it wasn’t, don’t boo me, boo the team in a sense. Now it’s out of my control. … When this contract situation came down, everybody in my circle — mom, family, brother, sister, friends from college, people who watched me since I was in high school and since I was in college — nobody wanted me to resign in that situation because they thought, ‘There [is] so much left in you and this team isn’t taking care of you or treating you right.’ That’s the way I felt and it was like, if you are going to come and not put out a good contract on the table then, hey, we gotta think about going somewhere else."

I guess from a certain point of view I can see where he would feel like he was almost traded a couple of times and he wasn't featured in the offense as much anymore, but this seems a bit much. He's painting a pretty one sided picture here. It isn't like he is going to be a 1 or 2 option in Miami any more anyway. And again, I don't get why he had to go to Miami of all places. Go to the Spurs, the Thunder, pick a contender other than the Lakers or Heat and I'm all for you.

Now he's telling us not to boo him but to boo the team. Right. I don't know if I'm necessarily going to "boo" him from my living room anyway, but come on now. Whatever. Like Doc said, still hurt, still a little biter, but moving on.

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