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Doc Rivers sets the Celtics up to work without a true backup point guard

Doc Rivers had an interesting observation today. He said, "We've never really had, like, a true backup point,"

Jet Lee bringing the ball up
Jet Lee bringing the ball up
Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

Doc Rivers had an interesting observation today. He said, "We've never really had, like, a true backup point,"

Read the link below and you'll see a litany of combo guards and shoot-first point guards backing up Rajon Rondo. Perhaps that's by design. You can't really replicate what Rondo does (not well anyway) and since shooting isn't his strongest point, why not put shooting guards around him and behind him on the depth chart. Like a power running back that is subbed in with a scat-fast running back (or vice versa).

How does it all work? Doc makes it work.

Green Street " Introducing the Celtics’ backup point guards, all of them

With Rondo off the floor, Jason Terry and Courtney Lee were on the court together. In Rivers words, the two were "interchangeable." If one of them was pressured in the backcourt, the other one brought the ball up the floor and initiated the offense. This is at the heart of what Rivers has been trying to install this preseason. He wants an offense that can function without a true point guard whenever Rondo is getting a breather. In Terry, he has a player who can run pick and rolls and is dangerous because of his outside shooting ability. Yet Rivers also wants Terry playing off the ball to maximize his scoring potential and create a threat when he’s the screener.

Perhaps this annual wringing of the hands over a lack of "true" point guard is just chasing after the wind. It wouldn't be the first time I've been accused of being a blowhard.

Regardless, if the offense can function properly, I'm happy to trust Doc and Danny with their litany of combo-tweener-multifaceted guards helping to run the show. And when Jet-Lee are reigning threes, I think that offense is going to look just fine.

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