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Doc Rivers has unique relationship with his star Rajon Rondo

Interesting look at Doc's career over on Grantland, including this take on his relationship with Rondo.

Doc Rivers's career arc - Grantland

He won a championship, nearly won another, and now is facing down a rebuilding job not dissimilar to the one he took on in Orlando, when he first started developing his coaching chops. His star is a stubborn, occasionally recalcitrant point guard named Rajon Rondo, and their interpersonal dynamic is one of the most intriguing in the league. It's unlike the relationship between, say, Mike Brown and Kobe Bryant, or between Erik Spoelstra and his two superstars, because the power in the relationship in Boston is far more evenly divided between coach and player, and also because both of these guys are uniquely articulate about what they perceive their relative places in the universe to be. This is the latest thing that has made the now-long career of Doc Rivers worth watching. I don't break many chairs anymore, but I'd be lying if I said I weren't fascinated by what comes next.